April 05, 2018
Ecuador Tourism Ministry to enforce mandatory health insurance for foreigners

The Ecuador Ministerio de Turismo announced the new law in 2017, with a start date of February 2018. Much to the confusion of the travel industry, the regulations weren’t implemented quite as planned, as a 90-day extension was granted in order to assuage any worries amongst tourists and the current expat population.


Implementation will take place on 1st May 2018, after which, private health insurance will become mandatory for all tourists and expats alike before they gain entry. Anyone applying for an entry visa, renewing an investor visa or arriving at customs in the airport will be asked for proof.


Information posted on the ministry’s website suggests that mandatory health insurance for tourists will be beneficial to the development of the country’s tourist industry.


Ecuador is not alone, a number of countries already insist on health insurance coverage before entry is granted, including favourite expat and traveller destinations like Australia. Similar legislation is also under consideration in many more expat and tourist hotspots. Watch this space for updates.


Located in South America, flanked by Colombia, Ecuador is best known internationally for offering WikiLeaks’ head honcho, Julian Assange, sanctuary in its London embassy. Relatively poor, Ecuador is considered to be on the most popular places to retire throughout the world thanks to the low cost of living. These new regulations mean that future retirees will need to take health insurance provision into consideration when totting up their finances.


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